Game Changing Organic Skincare Products

Knowing how awfully harsh and unhealthy it is to use non-organic chemicals on your body, I am pleased to announce that I have almost made a full transition to all organic skincare products... with the exception of one - MAKEUP. I have tried tirelessly to find quality organic makeup  but still none to my liking. Knowing myself, most likely I'll create my own line to my satisfaction. But, let's dive right in to the matter at hand and that's the organic skincare products that I love in the areas I have managed  to successfully transition (hold your applause, I'm in recovery). In the order of most favored:

#1. VeOrganics  Organic Camu Camu Vitamin C Serum

Why I love this: First and foremost, I love anything with Camu Camu in it. It just does it for my skin - glowy, firm, gorge. It does the trick. But it also has some other heavy hitters that make this my all time favorite organic skincare product. In it we have aloe vera, collagen, hyaluronic acid, grapefruit, orange peel... must I say more? And it's all organic. Not sure if it gets much better than that. Comment below if you know what does. This serum leaves my skin so enriched with nutrients and smooth as a baby's bottom. It keeps the fine lines and wrinkles in check and it's super affordable. It's not like other serums that leave your skin sticky or make you have that film feeling. It's practically weightless and my skin just drinks it up. 

#2. Follain Moisturizer Replenish + Protect

This was a close runner-up. This product is so amazing and quenching to the skin. Let's dig into why that might be- the very first ingredient in the organic moisturizer is water. Yup, that's right, good ole' H20. Following that is aloe and shea butter and rosehip oil. I LOVE this moisturizer! It's packed with vitamins, antioxidants and omegas that help protect the skin and improve skin tone and texture. Did I mention I have/had textured skin? If you do too you should definitely give this a try.

#3. Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask

Okay, so if you don't know anything about me at all. Understand that I live for probiotics. It is my number 1 go-to for any health related issue. With that being said, this mask contains probiotics! And did it fail me? NO! Along with probiotics which are fantastic at warding off bad bacteria and balancing pH levels, it also contains plant and fruit extracts. This mask isn't just all talk either. It delivers. Talk about a smooth finish. 

#4. VLeCreme Papaya Brightening Scrub

This was a no- brainer. This scrub is jam packed full of all organic goodness that helps eliminate dark spots around your bikini line and nether regions, neck, knees, elbows, you name it. And it works! Let's hit the ingredient list shall we? Organic: papaya, lemon, cranberry, coconut oil, aloe vera gel. Not only does this product leave your skin feeling silky smooth but it lightens the toughest areas. LOVE!

 #5.  Kopari Coconut Body Milk

This product is where coconuts go on retreat. They call this body milk "the milk that feels like silk" and it's a genius catch-phrase because it does. It's super creamy and light weight unlike other body butters that leave you feeling greasy. This quickly absorbs into the skin and has the added benefits of chamomile and luxurious shea butter. 

The skin is the largest organ making it extremely important what you put on it. Your body absorbs products just as the body absorbs food through ingestion. So please be mindful as to what you use on your skin. Preserve your skin, preserve your health, preserve your beauty.

~ You owe it to yourself.



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